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History of MECA

Sept 30 - Oct 1, 1983

Jackson, MS

September 30 – October 1, 1983 marked the beginning of great era in the field of technology for Mississippians. This was the date of the first annual MECA conference, held in Jackson at the Coliseum Ramada Inn.


An excerpt from the first conference program:

“A group of educators met in Starkville, on February 19, 1983, to discuss the possibilities of forming a support group for computers in education. On March 26, 1983, the Mississippi Educational Computing Association was born. MECA is a statewide organization whose purpose is to provide the sharing and exchanging of ideas, techniques, materials, and procedures for all persons interested in computers in education including instructional applications, administrative applications and computer science education.”


Three others met with Larry Anderson in his office at Armstrong Middle School in Starkville to discuss the forming of the organization: Dan Brook, Tony Chandler, and Bill Rouse.


The next step was to invite leaders from around the state to a meeting on a rainy Saturday morning in March. From this meeting, it was decided -


  • An organization of this type is necessary.

  • The name of such organization should be

  • “Mississippi Educational Computing Association”

  • as it stands today.


It was further decided that the organization needed

some direction prior to being able to elect officers

at the initial conference so an Executive Committee

was formed with charter members as follows:


  • Larry Anderson, Chairman

  • Dan Brook

  • Tony Chandler

  • Clyde Hatten

  • Ronn Kimbro

  • Bill Rouse

  • Susan Purser


Interesting facts …


  • William Winter – Mississippi’s governor

  • Dr. Charles Holladay – Mississippi Superintendent of Education

  • Dr. Arthur Luehrmann – first MECA conference Keynote Speaker
    (he coined the phrase, “Computer Literacy”)

  • There were four hands-on workshop labs provided by 
    Apple – IBM PC – Radio Shack – Commodore

  • There were 18 exhibitors at the first conference

  • Attendance at the First Annual Conference = approximately 500!


“What fun we had in those days! We could not possibly have dreamed that technology would have come as far as it has, nor that MECA would become what it has become … The first program contained a list of all those who were Charter Members – the ones who supported the idea of MECA before there even was a first conference … GREAT PEOPLE! Among the approximately 93 names were: Frances Coleman, Dr. John Jordan, Susan Purser …”

Were you there? If you were, we’d like to hear from you … better yet, we’d like to see you AGAIN! Drop us a note and let us know who you are, where you are and what you are doing! Help us continue this trip down Memory Lane…



History contributed by Dr. Larry Anderson, NCTP




MECA Board

2022-2023 Board and Liaisons

LaMarcus Norman, President -


Michelle Kittrell, President-Elect 


Sharon Hoye, Past President

Marcine Freeman, Executive Assistant to President


Kellie Penson, Exhibitor Support Specialist


Stephanie Cotnam, Secretary -


Lacie Flake, Treasurer -


Erin Barrios, Contest Chair

Beth Jordan, Board Member

Jeannie Steer, Board Member

Reggie Matthews, Board Member

Brandy Johnson, Board Member

Chad Penson, Board Member

Katie Holden, Board Member

Nashandra James, CEU Liaison

Chris Graves, Digital Media Liaison


Wayne Eason, Treasurer Liaison


Aleise McGowan, IT Liaison


Elton Travis, IT Liaison

Jenna Gaines, Social Media Liaison

Marvin Adams, Programmer Liaison

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