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Conference Website:


The conference software platform will be powered by Attendify. You can not use the website. Click to attend.  Also, the conference Live sessions will be powered by Zoom.  To download Zoom, please click the link to download the software. 

Using Zoom for Live Sessions:
















❗ NOTE: Attendees, when joining Zoom meeting directly via the Attendify website, click the "Open in Zoom App" option.

❗ Attendify is supported in Google Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox

Login Issues:

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 10.34.01

Restricted access means the user is attempting to sign in with an unregistered email address. You MUST use the email address used for Conference registration. 

Invalid error message means the wrong password.  Please use the correct password or click forgot password.






Still having issues, contact us at

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