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Board Nominations


Following the MECA Constitution the MECA Nominating committee has put forth the following slate of officers for next year:
Board Officers:
Past President – Thomas Herrington
President - Tracy Daniel-Hardy

President-Elect – Nashandra James
Secretary – Amy Terrell
Treasurer – Kellie Penson
Contest Chair – Alice Rainwater
Existing Board Members:
Melissa Adkins, Board Member
Nashandra James, Board Member
Stephanie Stallings, Board Member 
New Board Member Candidates:Below is a list of our MECA board candidates for 2019-2021. You will have an opportunity to vote in three of these candidates to serve MECA. Please take a moment to read about each candidate.



























































Stephanie Cotnam


Technology Specialist


Rankin County School DistrictStephanie Cotnam is an Instructional Technology Specialist for Rankin County Schools. She is currently working with elementary schools to integrate technology to support curriculum goals and establishing new Junior Tech Teams in elementary. Her focus this year is helping teachers find innovative ways to spice up lessons, increase student exploration and foster independent use of tech through STEM and ChromeBooks. Stephanie is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and a SMART Exemplary Educator. Her educational background includes a BA in Education, Masters in School Counseling and a Specialist Degree in School Administration. Stephanie loves grant writing and all things Twitter and Google! Stephanie and her husband Luke, a fellow educator, are raising two rambunctious boys who keep her up to date for work on all things YouTube, Fortnite and Minecraft.


Brian Gaddie
Instructional Technology Specialist
Rankin County School District

Brian Gaddie is an instructional technology specialist at Rankin County School District. Brian is currently working with middle schools and high schools on furthering technology integration in classrooms and offering support for specific needs on a teacher by teacher basis. Student tech teams are also a large part of his duties and working with them to increase their abilities to offer IT support to students and teachers at their schools. Brian’s education background includes a B.S. degree in Business Technology Education, an M.S. in Technology, an Ed.S. in Administration and Leadership, and is currently working on his Ed.D. in Leadership and Supervision. He has worked for Rankin County School District for 6 years with his first 4 years being at Brandon High School, teaching Business and Technology courses. Brian is a Google Certified Educator and an Apple Certified Technician. After work, Brian has a lovely wife, Ashley, who is also an educator and a “full of energy”2-year old that keeps him busy all the time. 

Erin Barrios

Instructional Technologist

Clinton Public Schools


Erin Barrios is currently in her fourth year as an Instructional Technologist for Clinton Public School District. Prior to becoming an instructional technologist, she taught high school and collegiate level science courses including Biology I, Biology II, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Genetics, and Biomedical Research. She received her bachelors of science degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern Mississippi. Additionally, she obtained her Masters and Specialist degree at Mississippi College. Erin enjoys learning about new technology and software that helps students and teachers in the classroom. 



Mia Martin

Media Specialist

Gulfport School District


Mia Martin is a thirteen-year veteran in the Gulfport School District. She holds a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from William Carey University. Mrs. Martin served as a second-grade teacher, Educator of the Intellectually Gifted, STEM teacher, and is currently a Library Media Specialist. Mia is committed to helping students overcome learning barriers that can hinder academic success and provide strategies to ensure that all students are successful inside and outside of his/her learning environment. Currently, as a Library Media Specialist, her goal is to foster the skills necessary for each student to become an effective user of information in a wide variety of formats for both educational and personal growth. 



Denise Mullins

Educational Technology Specialist

Cleveland School District


Denise Mullins is an Educational Technology Specialist for Cleveland School District. Denise handles all student data in SAM and MSIS along with E-Rate, exchange, website management and projects for Cleveland. Prior to Cleveland Denise spent 13 years in Western Line School District as a Technology Coordinator. In 2015, Denise made a decision to move home closer to family and took an Educational Technology role in Cleveland. Denise is passionate about the needs and goals of student and teacher success in the classroom. She believes in helping teachers and administrators so they can help students improve the learning outcome. “Technology changes so fast and it’s our job as educators to help students, teachers, and administrators see technology as a tool for enhancing education”.In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and being an entrepreneur with her own successful side business. Denise enjoys creating and designing jewelry when she’s not at sporting events or hunting with her boys. Denise has two boys, Austin (18) a senior and Caleb (12) a sixth grader. 



Niki Peel


DT Cox Elementary School

Dr. Niki Peel, principal of D.T. Cox Elementary in the Pontotoc City School District serves as an educational leader with a passion for using technology to enhance teaching and learning across all classrooms. Peel has served in Mississippi public schools for over 20 years with teaching experiences in grades 7-12, administrative roles in 3-12, and as a K-12 district leader. As a teacher, Peel was instrumental in developing and implementing technology curriculum in the secondary educational realm at both the state and local levels. During this time she served as a professional development leader, creating and teaching relevant workshops to help teachers and administrators better integrate technology tools to support teaching and learning. As a school leader, Peel helped implement and support the first Mississippi high school 1:1 technology initiative and eventually served at the district level as an instructional technology coordinator. She has a masters in instructional technology from Mississippi State University and a Ph.D. in educational leadership from the University of Mississippi. Peel is an Apple Distinguished Educator, has served in a variety of professional organizations, and presented at both national and regional conferences. Peel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in instructional technology and leadership supporting effective practices for technology integration across all classrooms to better enhance today's teaching and learning experiences. 



Tracy Riemann
Instructional Technology Specialist
Gulfport School District

Tracy Riemann has been an Instructional Technology Specialist for the Gulfport School District for five and a half years. She provides technology training and assistance to teachers and staff in the Gulfport School District. Prior to this position, Tracy taught Career Discovery and ICT 1 at Bayou View Middle School for eleven years. Tracy earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.


There will be an election held during the 2019 MECA Conference to select three new board members.​

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